Synchronizing with Android
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This is how synchronization with dropbox can be made. You will need a dropbox account which is free, if you don't have one already.

Install dropbox in your computer and in your mobile device. You have to use the same account for both. If you use different accounts you  need to share at least one folder between both accounts.

In your computer:

·      Look for the QRouting database. By default it would be in:

c:\Program Files\QRouting\datos\QRouting.db

·      If not sure where it is, use any search in your computer to find the file "QRouting.db"

·      Exit QRouting program if you were using it.

·      Make a folder "QRouting" inside your main dropbox folder

·      Copy the QRouting.db file to that folder

·      Enter QRouting program. Go to "Setup" and "Database in use".

·      Select the database you just copied to the folder "QRouting" within your dropbox folder.

From now, use always that database in the dropbox folder. Every time you make a change it will Synchronize in the dropbox server.

The database is about 14 MB and covers all the World. If you have a slow connection, it could take a long time to upload to the dropbox server. In that case you can make a copy of the QRouting.db file, and using this option you can make a smaller database of the area, country or countries you fly more often in. You even can have several databases of different parts of the world.

In your Android device

Make sure that the database in your computer has finished synchronizing with the dropbox server. The dropbox's icon in your system tray should have stopped moving.

·      Enter the dropbox app in your mobile.

You should get something like this:


Enter the QRouting Folder


In this example we have created three different databases and we have renamed them to "Spain.db", "Europe.db" and "Worldwide.db" using the "Make a smaller database" option in the Setup menu.

This way, we have a light weight database, with the area we normally, while the other databases are available if necessary.

If your internet connection in both, the computer and the mobile is fast enough don't bother about multiple databases.

·      Long click on the Database file and make it "favorite" in the dropbox app.
·      Go to the "Favorites" tab in dropbox.

From now, always enter QRouting opening dropbox, going to the "favorites" tab and clicking on the database.

This way we make sure that the database is synchronized before using it.

Then use QRouting normally, when you exit it the database will be synchronized again automatically.

Back up the database frequently.