Create a Flight Plan
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When you click on "Flight Plans" a window with all the flight plans saved open. The keyboard shortcut for this window is Alt-P  (alter key + P key).

Here you can Add, modify or delete a flight plan, Shortcuts are "A", "M" and "E" respectively. Other shortcuts are "ins" key, "del" key and "enter" key respectively.

If you click "Add" you get this window:


The icons in the button bar are (from left to right):

 - Exit this windows
- Adding a Waypoint to the route
- Edit a waypoint in the route
- Delete a waypoint or selected waypoints in the route.  You can do "multi-select" holding down the key Control or the Key Shift and clicking on different waypoinsts.
- Copy a waypoint or selected waypoints.
- Pasting previously copied waypoints.
- Inverse the route. That is making the departure airport the destination airport and making the destination airport the departure airport.
- Show the route in Google Earth
- Show the route in Google Maps
- Export the route to Excel
- Weight and Balance Report report Screen
- Fuel Report Screen
- Weather Report Screen


A description of the Flight plan you are creating.


Select an Aircraft from the Aircraft Database you may change the aircraft as many times as you want and all the flight plan will be recalculated automatically.

Buttons 1, 2 and 3 change the view of the browse below. If you press 1, only the most important columns are shown. If you press 2, the columns that you have to change in each leg are shown, that is Altitude, Temperature, QNH, Wind Direction and Wind Speed. If you click on the header of the column you can set the value for the hole column at one time.

Drag and Drop

You can select one or several waypoints and drag them to another flight plan windows.

Copy and Paste

You can select one or several waypoints and copy and paste them to the same flight plan or to a different one.

Change Leg's order

Just click the leg you want to change and holding the button of the mouse down move it to the new position.